A web chat for Website

¿Do you know that 75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel?

Also, ¿Do you know that 51% of customers want the business to be available 24/7?

So, if you are a business owner this information is for you.

Cause this is the time… So you can see their enabling and deployment of a website channel.

XCALLY Motion!

Let me show you with Xcally Motion our only channel contact center platform, and ¿How easy is it to add and create a webchat?

When I share my screen with you Anne… let me just show you how easy and quick and clean is done to enable it?

I show you XCally Motion our Omnichannel contact center platform top number one on the gardener’s frontrunners magic quadrant.

Steps to Web Chat for Website

 – So what you wanna do is go to the Chat option

– Then go to check websites so click on the + right

– Please create a name for your website. So let’s say XCalley USA the key is away too recognize this chat in a short way.

– Let’s say it’s a chat O3 and the domain is let’s say https wwx.cowie.com

– Select at least for my chat interaction. You’re always gonna try to match a contact list. Then let’s say this one

– Then let’s say I’m going to add a chat website and there you go so now.

– Add the preference of this website and check this out first thing. You have here the domain delays.

– Add a description to your website and there are some settings for the notifications, the next thing is something really simple.

– It’s called the script code so if you wanna put this into your website is just as easy as copying and pasting this part of HTML code you will see that in a minute.

– You can always define the inside you know in a time zone, so let’s say we are in America and New York remiss it let’s say America, Los Angeles for example.

– Alright also you have control over your snippet, this snippet is the appearance of the webchat. 

Here you can select your colors, you know the color for your buttons the text color you preferred font size if you want to see the buttons rounded or square if you want to show you an hour or you wanna show a personal hour where you want to show the snippet, what is the default title like live chat for example and what’s the message when they connect like a craving or something in what would you want the button to say like, for example, click here before like chat.

-You have a few settings in actually uploading your pictures for your favorite albums

-You also have a chance to select what’s the data or the actual form fields that you want to ask when engaging online, but also if your agents are not offline, you can ask for a different try different for different fields like for example.

– If you know you have someone a customer Rep online, then you just can ask for a name and an email account right, but if there’s nobody online what you could do is to create a bigger form like with first name, last name, email, and phone number, or any other field you can select proactive actions,

– Like I want a pop-up and write I want the chat window to show after 10 seconds this is something you can do if you don’t want to like display it like immediately you can create these positions, you know these positions is the way to describe the outcome of particular interaction like for example:

“I can say I don’t know you leave that is a position or current customer or for example, I don’t know customer service, there’s something you can do you can also repair can answer us you know to speed the response, so you can select something like “I can 001” and say “I don’t know” … How can I help you today? “That’s something that maybe one of you can answer or you can show another one like mom. You know, you want to contact us via phone, please call 801 234567”.

So you can create a can answer, you can also enable the possibility of converting you know of switching from a chat conversation to a video conversation. That’s something really nice we have thanks to our video production and then you can create your actions.

So what you want to happen once someone comes to your website like for example you want to send me the conversation directly to a customer and here you select what is the customer record you know you want to use or you wanna send the conversation direct to a cube, so let’s say you know let’s say XCalley you can send this chat conversation directly into dialog flow a create chat channel that works with a chatbot so it’s impressive what you can do with chat channel tool.

So let’s say and once everything is done you will see here the interactions and offline messages now an interesting thing that we have put together for you is the way you put it in your website.

How can do it with WordPress? 

Before you have this part here in advance so if you work with WordPress or whatever it is your website manager is as simple as this just copy the script, and then you go to your platform where you have your website, then you go to settings of your page and you always will have the part where you can add custom mighty HTML codes and just paste here and that’s it.

So now that I have done this I just go back to the website let’s say xcally you say that counts you see now “I’m browsing this beautiful website” an ah I wanna learn about this and that now I have a window here that is it’s gonna ask me and it’s gonna pop up with with the live chat, so this is all my friends.

So in 2021, there is no excuse to not add live chat to your business website. In this video Miguel Licero, President of LinkedIP and Managing Partner at XCALLY USA demonstrates how easy is to create a webchat channel for any website using XCALLY Motion.

If you need to add an omnichannel experience to your website please contact us at info@linkedip.com.