Customer Experience Strategy with Onmichannel Contact Center

Before explaining how easy is to deploy a web chat with XCALLY Omni Channel Contact Centerlet’s start with a simple question: do you know there is a direct relationship between the customer experience in a website and the business growth?  

A recent survey showed that 75% of consumers prefer live chat engagements over any other way of communications.  That same result shows how 51% consumers expect brand owner to be available 24/7.

If you are in a Business To Consumer (B2C) or Business To Business (B2B) scenario this trend is got to be very valuable for you.

In a nutshell, when you have consumers willing for content, products or services through a website, the best way to keep them engaged is offering web chat communications.  Specially if consumers are visiting from a mobile device, which according to Nice in Contact the trend is that at least 50% of visits to a website come from smartphones or tablets.

According to studies made by ICMI it is correct to say that 46% of customers of a brand prefer live chat conversations in comparison to just 29% for email based interactions and 16% for social media.   This is the reason you want to enable web chat interactions to visitors on your website. 

How easy to create a webchat with XCALLY Motion?

With XCALLY Omni Channel Contact Center adding a web chat service to your website is super easy. 

– Go to Chat Channel section- Click on ‘+’ to add a website

– Add a name to your website

– Specify a Key or short identifier

 – Ente your domain name

– Select a List for your website

– Select a time interval to apply to your web conversations

– Add a description

Later on you may edit your channel settings and work on different preferences and tasks like:

– Obtain the web chat URL snippet code that you will add to your website- Create the snippet appearance (brand colors, logos, avatars, greetings, etc)

– Design the initial forms

– Create an action plan

– Define dispositions

– Prepare canned answers templates

In case you want to see how this works in real life feel free to click to a short video that demonstrates everything. 

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