Artificial Intelligence 

If natural intelligence is the one demonstrated by humans, artificial intelligence is the one exhibited by machines. This science consists of creating these machines that can solve problems on their own, which leads to the automatization of any repetitive process. This is applied to customer service, where a virtual agent or Bot, can take over simple tasks that an actual agent previously did.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service 

Customer service is all about the support a company offers to its patrons. If someone has a problem with a product, they can call or chat to get help. However, this help may not be available all the time. What happens if, for example, the customer in question calls in the middle of the night?

Having an agent at that time may be costly, so a robot can be set up to offer an automated response instead. It will most likely be a frequently asked question where artificially intelligent robots can be helpful. So instead of letting a human deal with the same subject repeatedly, an Artificial Intelligent agent responds quickly and better. This robot will transfer the call to an agent only when a more complex solution is needed. 

With a webchat feature, customers visiting websites can have an immediate answer when it comes to simple requests like answering FAQs or providing company contact details; since web chat interactions are usually quick and brief, as opposed to voice interactions, and there can be more than one chat at the same time, this speeds the answer time.

A Zendesk study demonstrated that approximately 42% of B2C customers kept buying after experiencing good customer support, and that 52% dropped after only one disappointing customer support interaction, so this is certainly an important consideration to make. An AI chatbot or voice channel can quickly improve that customer service experience. This might sound like it can lead to a total replacement of human agents, but it is just a way of making their job easier. With this AI, time is being saved and the customer support runs smoothly. 

Our approach to Customer Service automation

There is nothing like an excellent contact center suite to optimize Customer Service. That’s why we recommend XCALLY. XCALLY is an Award-Winning Omnichannel contact center software that enables interactions through the most commonly used channels like voice, video, email, webchat, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and many other social media channels. XCALLY also provides Artificial Intelligence connectors to deploy voice bots and chatbots. For more information please contact us at 800-969-0164 or by sending us an email to