Cloud Based for Business

Today, business leaders are turning to the Cloud because they are considering as a crucial part of business operations.

No wonder why and in the past years the business has increased the usage of Cloud Based Unified Communications services.

Based on a study by Frost & Sullivan Cloud Based UC services, or Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS), can offer a compelling alternative to on-premises platforms and are often well positioned to be the best fit for organizations undertaking Digital Transformation.

With a Cloud service, software and application updates are managed by a service provider that can deliver a nearly continuous stream of innovation to business customers.

It combines voice and unified messaging features that increase employee productivity. These include applications such as instant messaging, video and web conferencing, call recording and team collaboration.

Minimize Costs in Cloud

Considering that information is stored on the cloud, business won’t need an extra server, software or any program. The only requisite is an Internet connection.

Cost savings is one of the main reason for adopting business communication on the cloud. Organizations will pay for what they use and have the benefits of reducing costs on installation and equipment maintenance.

Work from Anywhere

This is what businesses call “The Office of The Future”, Unified Communications as a service is a strong enabler for the mobile and remote/home office worker, employees will do better and it will be easier to work  24/7, whether they are traveling or at home by using devices for a business purpose such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Keep your Data Secure

For a company, security is always a big concern, and that’s why cloud services can help to secure any infrastructure you deploy in it. With the data stored in a cloud instead of hardware, limit the risk of the information being stolen.

Increase Collaboration

Your team members can access applications that will let them communicate, set up on-the-fly conferences, meetings (both video and voice), exchange documents, and engage customers in a real-time dialog.

That means that traditional and remote employees now can work together on projects to save time and improve quality.

Whether you are building a small business or managing a global enterprise, a seamless and secure connection between employees, customers and partners is essential.

Our Cloud Based Unified Communications, include IP telephony, integrated audio and web conferencing, mobility, collaboration, and business application integration features all delivered as a service.

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