Why Move Your Business to the Cloud is a Great Idea

Since the awareness of the Digital Transformation “era” most companies are looking to leverage technological innovation in an attempt to gain sustained growth.

According to a survey by PWC, 87% of companies perceive digital transformation as an opportunity to develop a competitive edge. The result of this transformation is noticeable when companies serve better their existing customers and when they capitalize on new opportunities.

In fact, a well proven strategy of digital transformation is moving all the communications to the cloud through a Unified Communications service provider.

But the problem is that even though cloud-based communications are the foundation of digital transformation, most mid-sized and big companies are still bounded to their old on-premise phone systems.

If you look at your desk phone, if you see brands like Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, IPecs (formerly Ericsson), Nortel, Panasonic or even Samsung, most likely your company invested top dollars in the deployment of what they thought it would be a long term communications solution.

The real problem is that those systems are deeply tied to an on-premise infrastructure that is not compatible with the Digital Transformation spirit regardless if they paid a lot of money for them.

Cloud Based Communications gives you a competitive advantage

Digital Transformation refers to the use of digital technologies to remove cumbersome obstacles that obstruct growth, and cloud based communications are actually the best technology for that.

When an organization deploys cloud based communications is connecting users and locations on a common platform that enables communications in the way users feel more comfortable and get a better result on IT agility.

Nemertes, a research company indicated in results of their 2018-2019 Unified Communications study how 44, 1% of the organizations found improved agility of their IT staff once they moved to the cloud. The survey also showed how 26, 6% of them recognized that services in the cloud rolled out faster allowing users to gain a better competitive edge.

Keep business on the move

Most small companies struggle with the possibility of losing business because of poor communication with customers.

A cloud phone system helps keep companies in constant contact with clients. Yet, a solution like this gives you more control, is easier to deploy, and settings that apply to an individual user or the entire organization can be changed remotely via a web-based interface.

Services and users can be added and removed as needed without complex implementations and reconfigurations.

Transform business by transforming its communications

You will see immediately the results when you move your phones to the cloud. Here’s an example: You have an IT manager that runs phone systems for 3 different locations.

Cloud-Based communications offer you centralized management so your IT team can deal them from anywhere and from any device. To add a new business user it is a matter of a few clicks and adding a new phone.

Moving business communication to the cloud allows enabling richer conversations with voice, video or text regardless of the location, device or environment. Thus, it makes teams work more enthusiastically, increase productivity and efficiency.

When phones move to the cloud, a business is also opening doors to the integration with business applications.

This allows in establishing strong relationships with customers or consumers. Since with the cloud all customer interactions can be digitally traced, it’s not a surprise the observance of a churn reduction and increase of satisfaction.


Move your phones to the cloud today and experience an increase in employee productivity and business agility as quick as tomorrow.

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