How to grow your Business using innovative communication technology?

Communication today has an important business rol.
Communications in our daily life: Promote our brand, meet people, contact leads, follow up on prospects, close a deal, provide customer support and upsell services or products.
Do you want to grow your business? We have three conclusions about it:

1. Communication is essential to any business, including yours.

  • 94% of businesses report having great communications with their customers (Source: 2020 Twilio Customer Report)

2. The same study discovered that 96% of those business customers disagree.

So we realise a gap in brand owner and customers. And actually top two customer frustrations when communicating with business or service provider 59% when I have repeated the different people.
56% when I call no one is available, but there are no other channels available to get help.

Let’s see some customer stats before the pandemic:

  • 87% of the customers think brands need to put more effects into providing a seamless contact experience. Source: zendesk 

  • 77% of the customers expect consistent interations across alternative communications channels.
  • Another statistic is that 55% of companies have no cross – channels strategy in place. Source: The cmo club 

Before the pandemic we had a particular way of communication.
But then we had a pandemic and customer experience changed.
Now customers are seeking better online experiences.

  • 65% of customers want to buy from companies that have an online presence and offer quick and easy online transactions source: zendesk
  • 50% will to competitors after one had experience source zendesk
  • 31% of customers brought from a new companies in 2020 and 64% reported doing it through new or alternative communications channels.

3. Customer Experience is king: For any business, including yours!

Now customer expert interactions happen via different channels.

  • 90% of customers expert consistent interactions across different communications channels. (Source :Sdl )

Only Google OmniChannel customers and shoppers have 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using one channel.
During the pandemic up to 21% of customers switched to brands that sent them relevant messages on promotions on their preference channels. Source: mackensey