Computer Telephony Integration

LinkedIP, a recognized VoIP solution provider with 20 years of experience in offering phone systems and call center software, has presented an innovative solution that integrates popular CRMs and VoIP based phone systems.

VoIP is a communication technology used by organizations with proven effects in productivity and efficiency while CRM is a collaboration tool.

A recent research by BuyerZone shows that 91% of companies with over 11 employees now use CRM software and 87% of those companies use a cloud-based CRM. That’s the reason lots of organizations use Salesforce or other popular systems in their daily operations.

It doesn’t matter the industry, it’s a proven fact that CRMs accelerates the identification of opportunities and streamlines sales processes. Keeping track of the customer’s journey increases satisfaction and reduces churn.

When it comes to customer service experience, it’s richer if a representative knows beforehand who’s calling with a caller’s profile that includes history of calls, purchases, preferences, etc. This is done by matching a Caller ID with a phone number record in the CRM.

These integrations are called Computer Telephony Integrations or CTI, and although there are some CTI solutions from respectable vendors, those solutions have intrusive architecture or invasive methods. Most of Salesforce CTI solutions embed an application into the CRM’s back-end “invading” it with 3rd party software code.

LinkedIP presents a unique and innovative approach in CTI for CRMs unlike current ones.

Miguel Licero, founding member and leader of innovation, showcased the solution architecture explaining “Our non-invasive architecture uses a middleware module that listens for events at the communication platforms and passively reads data from the CRM data source. If there is a match between the caller’s Caller ID and a phone number stored in the CRM, our solution will display a pop-up window to the representative or agent with relevant data. Our model allows quick deployment of non-invasive integrations as CRM resources are not used.”

Computer Telephony Integration

Benefits and features

For mid-sized to large organizations LinkedIP’s CTI offer a more rapid deployment with a better with lower total cost of ownership and a better return of investment.

LinkedIP CTI features include:

Immediate retrieval of a caller’s profile with sensitive and pertinent data such as: opportunities, cases, deals, emails, buying history, purchase preferences, etc.

  •  Quick creation of new profiles, opportunities or cases in relation to an account holder
  • Reduction of more than 75% in customer or prospect’s record fetch or search time
  • Increased speed of outbound thanks to a Click-to-Call feature
  • Enhancement of the customer satisfaction experience

LinkedIP CRM integration solution is available mainly for Salesforce but is also compatible with Agile CRM, Bitrix24, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, OdooSugar CRM, Suite CRM, Tally ERP, Zendesk and Zoho.

About LinkedIP

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