What is Contact Center CRM? 

In short, Contact Center CRM is a term to refer to an omnichannel contact center software that includes contact management. Let us explain this: for a business to increase customer satisfaction, it is imperative to keep track of all the interactions with its consumers. This feed of interactions builds the famous Customer Journey, which is needed to understand a client’s life cycle inside an organization. The platform where all this occurs is a Contact Center CRM.

Contact Center and Customer Relationship Management 

About a decade ago, organizations in business could easily distinguish two totally different applications:

  • A CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform; the platform holding all customers’s data.
  • A Call Center or Contact Center platform; the actual communication system connecting the brand with its prospects and clients.

In other words, there was a clear image that an application was used for “the databases” and another application for “the communications”.

However, recently it has been encountered that the creation of better Customer Experiences (CX) is achieved only by the integration of communication channels and the data associated with the contact of that particular interaction. This is the reason a different “all in one” platform is needed, so the Contact Center CRM is born. 

What is the best Contact Contact CRM software?

When it comes to the best software the industry may offer, it’s important to acknowledge there are two different approaches:

  1. CRM software attempting to become Contact Center solutions.
  2. Contact Center software adding Contact Management to their features.

The first approach is not bad, but it’s not perfect. The problem here is that we see companies like Salesforce with lots of years of experience in data processing and data management but with not enough experience in communications. The same principle applies to Bitrix24 or FreshDesk and many other similar companies.   

On the other hand, we have solutions like XCALLY, FonCentrix or Genesys. These companies have spent lots of years in the field of telecom, and it’s easier for them to just add a contact management layer. This is the way to go.

Benefits of using a Contact Center CRM software

Here are some key points to consider the deployment of an omnichannel contact center software with Contact Manamanget:

  • Improve data access. With a Contact Center CRM software, the organization’s members have access to complete customer’s data and history, including personal contact information, purchase preferences, purchase history, and this creates the right scenario for a perfect interaction with a customer and in a personalized matter. This actually increases the chances of problem resolution. 
  • Enrich communication and accountability. Since the contact center also offers a CRM and a centralized database, employees have updated information about customers, so they can serve without forcing a contact to repeat itself every time. This helps the company to understand the customer’s lifecycle. 
  • Enhance overall efficiency.  A Contact Center CRM helps to respond faster to customers by identifying needs based on previous interaction regardless of the channel that was used. 
  • Increased sales.  The observance of the Customer Journey helps Sales teams to create campaigns with the right products or services to the right prospects.  
  • Reduced costs. As a result of less time and resources used in customer interactions. 
  • Better customer experience. Serving customers in less time with precise information and personalized touches lead to a better customer experience and increased loyalty and brand preference. 

How LinkedIP can help

With over 20 years of experience designing Customer Experiences, LinkedIP is the right fit to help elevate any brand with the use of our Contact Center and Contact Management technology. Our solutions enable not only omnichannel communications but also integrate mission-critical applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, Freshsales, and many others. 

For information on how to enable phone calls, SMS, E-mail, web chat, video, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and many more in one single place, please contact us at info@linkedip.com or at 1-800-969-0164.