What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service with encrypted voice and video calls. It also allows users to share text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share images, documents, locations, stickers, contacts, and video files.

This social media has more than 500 million monthly active users. This represents an increase of over 150% during the last 21 months.  Telegram’s penetration can be observed in United States, Europe, Ethiopia, Iran, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Russia and Uzbekistan.


Telegram as a Social Media Marketing

Telegram is a great tool for social media marketing. It doesn’t have any restrictions, so your Telegram channel can increase your customer base. That means you need to optimize Telegram messenger for building a community and strengthening relationships with your customers.


Why Telegram Could Be Better Than Whatsapp

Telegram is considered a high engagement mobile app; more than WhatsApp. This Social media can amplify your other social media platforms, sales, and inbound marketing.  Particularly is known that there is no filtering or restrictions to the content which it’s one of the downside of Facebook services.


Telegram Bots and Telegram Business API 

Telegram allows for message automation and that’s why it’s easy to create bots.  In addition to this feature called Telegram Bots there is also a Telegram Business API for automating messaging experiences and enhance the support for social service, productivity, and e-commerce. Because of the API is really wide open, you can also connect your CRM to this messaging platform.
This social media provides free and fast service of messaging an it’s a great tool to build goals.  Adding subscribers to your channel  from your contact list it’s easy but they have message you first.

Telegram Integrates to XCALLY Omnichannel Communication Software

This social media can integrate with XCALLY  an awarded omnichannel contact center software. XCALLY also supports other social media channels. Integration of multiple channels into a single communication platform is ideal for increasing your engagement with customers and rate to your company, because you see that customer journey and has better customer experience.  By building better customer experiences you are guaranteing the growth of your organization.

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