How Instagram Integration Works 

Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos. All content on Instagram is visual, and it can be about products or services for business.

Also, you can connect your eCommerce to your customers by providing the possibility to buy your service or products.

Your business account has followers, who may buy if you select the best segment. And non-followers that don’t get back to your followers, but if they have similar accounts and you comment on them, you can add recognition of their followers.

Companies in Instagram for Business

Instagram for business is very important because it is the present and the future. This social media is one of the best ways to connect with others, promote your products or services and also get new customers by using omnichannel communication software like xcally motion

When working with social media, it is always a good practice to have an Omnichannel Contact Center communication platform to integrate with.   In that sense, XCALLY Motion, and according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant  is one of the best solutions to integrate with a social media channel as Instagram.  You see,  XCALLY helps you to improve your customer service quality.

In easy steps, you can integrate your business with our omnichannel software communication.  So you can receive all your customers’ chats on our omnichannel platform hence unifying all of your communication channels (voice, web chat, email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc) into one single place and an easy to use interface. And you can add more features like CRM and ERP integration to let your team interact with prospects or contacts under a better context.  XCALLY also combine with traditional communications such as phone calls with social media channels.

Your business can receive prospects and customers by chat in one omnichannel platform with a better customer experience because you will see the interactions from when they ask for the product until they consume it, you will also be able to study the sentimental analysis that they have in every interaction.

So you are going to have the best customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to value their information; all interactions will be in one place.

For more information in how to integrate Instagram with all of your communication channels please contact us today at or 1-800-969-0164.